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Company History

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Since its inception individual institution and through the experience of decades of work in the areas of hotels and Hajj and Umrah and the work of unions between families that work in the field of industry and decoration in the Arab countries and Islamic, we have sought for decades investing in ourselves and in human resources that have been able over the past twenty years to build a monument featuring precision at Wal-select all of the client, we are able to expand the scope of our activities to offer added value in everything we do in our work...

One aspect of the expansion of our activities in this area we are now offer services and integrated solutions for the client so as to facilitate the follow-up project in the framework of the approach and the one without the research and the effort in trying to find a port for each service would like to do.

Right Now We have multiple experiences in this field and has become our offices and branches scattered around the world and we are investing in the human element through our staff, we have more than 20 sites around the world and became our projects hatched mega-projects, and is characterized by the concept of integrated service, as the number of customers more than 10,000 customers around the world and became Astosmaratna It carries one address is excellence, innovation and precision in execution.

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  • Vision

    We strive to help and assist our customers to succeed in the field of hospitality in all its aspects as to be pioneers in the field of Oriental Arabic and Islamic Hospitality (Halal) and as to be marketed in all countries of the world with an objective for the export of the cultures, highlight the customs and traditions that were enjoyed by our ancestors in the past and disappeared with time influenced by western cosmopolitan styles and work to return to the traditions that were pioneered of Arts and Sciences and Arts and urbanization.

  • Mission

    The Youth are our mission through permanent investment in training, development, and Knowledge transfer of expertise to younger generations with our confidence in the rebirth of a nation through the youth wings that are able to make the effort and complete in the future what we started as to achieve the benefit to mankind globally.

Our Services

Complete hotel solutions (studies - Consulting - Management - create a brand - the implementation of integrated projects) We seek through the work of a dedicated team in all disciplines to get our customers to the gate of success in the field of hospitality industry and we have own our factories in some key industries in this specialty.

Our Values

We are still committed to (Arabism - Honesty - Integrity - Transparency) The value of the substrate is not deflected by the local culture is an integral part of our work and we guarantee our customers that we have the best support in the implementation of our business and provide a service after full implementation care.

  • Our client is our first aim.
  • Quality in everything.
  • Integrity in handling.
  • Honesty with everyone.
  • Arabism is our ideal.
  • The arms of our youth are the engine of success.

Our Principles

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    Our clients and our employees are the most important thing we have in our Group reflected also in system for the services delivered , so all of us are keen on the principle of mutual respect to each other.

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    Our projects nurture special care by ourselves as to ensure maximum utilization and deliver the objectives set by our clients.

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    We build the Trust when delivering our service and to ensure our customers satisfaction during early stage till delivery and operation.

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    Fighting Spirit

    Our perception is the continuous search for the best means that help our customers with Value cost affective solutions sported by motivated team.

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    Community Participation

    Our team are active participants to the society via projects that we are working on and is also principle thing in our offered service .

Business Sectors

Hotel consulting

Our integrated consulting team at Designs company are keen to provide our customers with their expertise to control cost and time, achieve the best returns, and reduce the expenses by using the scientific methods and best practices, Our mission is to ensure that the project is successful, controlled and on track in all stages.

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Hotels Qualifications

Designs Company is specialized in characterizing and selecting the required qualifications for all hotel operators categories with the provision of competitive process that are achieved for our clients who may select any of the said category as per the market study.

Designs Consultancy will assist the client in identifying the best Enduse and best return to the project.

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Global Brands and hotels operation advisory

Designs capabilities are supported by Advisors and specialists in the operation and management of all categories of hotels with the possibility of providing competent global Brands in the sector, representatives of international companies to manage and operate hotels, and this was gained through several projects executed or contributed in the same , where we have high awareness of the International Brand stands and themes adopted in different markets

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Interior Design & FITOUT THEMING

Make new imprint mixed with modern design in the spirit of innovation and constant renewal or customized the theme desired by the client.

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Designs exposure to several hospitality global standards for all categories of hotel industry, increased the experience level of our team and on continuous development of new ideas and innovation.

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Furniture Industry & CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT

Designs Company have a private owned modern production plants that is an advantage to our end clients as we have a competitive edge on other by saving the customer cost with the best quality when compared to others.

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We do Upgrade to a food industry on an academic level and provide technical advice and scientific studies/best practices with a commitment to a professional training and continuous industry development as to ensure and maintain the development element, learning and Knowledge management to support the Hospitality industry.

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Defining a smart trendy and modern environment in the exploitation of space available to us during the design stages and processing solutions and the implementation of Corporate offices, or Commercial /Retail usage.

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PerfectTech as service provider assist design in giving solution in the field of networks, Telecom, Enterprise computing system, Smart Systems, intelligent building system, audio visual solutions & Services, Room Management Systems and Building Management Systems (BMS).

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Advisors in building material specifications for the works to provide cost effectiveness in building materials maintaining international standards that is required for any project .

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Our Expertise through all the Project Cycle from Concept to execution shall maintain the proper control on project as to ensure cost, quality and time are controlled , The Value engineering aspect is an added value when providing our services as its provided by Designs Co and its Subsidiaries' in each of the domain.

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