Chairman Message

Chairman Message

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Nabil Ghaleb Hazzaa


DESIGNS Company is pleased to welcome you to the world of design and wish to be cooperating with you an enjoyable and rewarding experience as pleasure for us to provide the best standard of services and harness the potential of all in order to reach our client, hoping to be pleased that holds our services to your satisfaction.

It has designs Contracting Company and Commercial Services Limited to develop integrated plans which mobilizes the hilt and put all Amkatahadtha at your service, through the doubling of its human resources and recruiting young all the expertise possessed by its staff in honor of customer satisfaction with the services provided to them.

Because we aspire to be the most satisfying company's desire to have us at ourselves never to settle for less than excellence and exceeded the ambitions of our customers and we promise to be more sophisticated and the ability to interact with the latest developments in the hospitality industry To make a difference and to establish a qualitative shift in the pattern and style of hospitality industry all sectors through the provision of all means of success using the latest in modern science in the industry and renew our thanks to you our valued customers and partners in the success of the promising future that Nrbwa him.

Our little world in which we live to limitless where diameters and A_khasusih competition became governed by international quality and modernity and keep up with all-new, always striving to attract good staff carry with them the experience of years of all the countries of the Arab world and the West and we are in constant search for all that is modern and sophisticated to support Alaana in various aspects of Arab hospitality industry through the consolidation of the roots of the peoples of the lost road dust and cover the customs and traditions that advance the nation and that by removing the dust that covered these legacies for decades and show through our actions that offer their customers advanced societies that Takttna contracts.